Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pig's Annual Grand Meeting!

Last week my Critical Thinking lecturer once gave us assignment about H1N1. Then we discuss about it in the class on how to avoid it. One of our classmate said we should kill all pig. Make sense?

She then said that if we can kill all chicken due to the bird flue, why don't we kill all pigs since it is related to the pig flue (H1N1). Make sense? I wonder.. How the pig felt if he/it knew about this.

What I mean is, in my country or others maybe, we often said 'pig' to someone we hate or annoyed to. Example : "hey, pig!" or "stupid pig".

One day I said to my friend, "Maybe pigs in the world now were having some meeting and said :

Pig A : we must fight human! Enough is enough. They used our name to annoyed people!

Pig B : That one we can still be patient.

Pig A : Then, they blamed us when JE disease appear!

Pig B : Again we still have patient.

Pig A : But then, they still blamed us when H1N1 appear. Some of them even used our name to named the disease. They called it Pig Influenza! My blood are going upstairs! We must protect our pride!

Pig B : I agree, we must protect our pride. Because of this I broke up with my girlfriend!

Pig A : Pity you.. say, who is your girlfriend?

Pig B : She's a pig. Just like us. I was annoyed by her. Can you imagine? She even wore protection mask when we have a date. I was humiliated by other pigs. Even my paparazzi (flies) wore a protection mask!

Pig A : Really?!

Pig B : Hey, why are you wearing protecton mask too?!

Pig A : I can't help it. You're a pig and what if I got infected by you. I have children to be fed!

Moral of the story : Please wear your protection mask. Even pigs and flies wore the mask. And don't blame pig, blamed those people who didn't wear a protection mask.

I wonder~ People start eating pig since a long time ago.. But, why the disease appeared now? That's why I always told my friend, don't use 'pig' to curse people, the pig will curse you back. (what the hell am I bubbling about?)

Thank God I was a Muslim as we were forbid to eat or touch pigs. See, there's a lot of benefit and reason why we Muslim can't eat pigs.

Why dont you non-muslim people eat something else instead of pig?
Why don't you eat something else, like chicken? beef?

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