Thursday, August 13, 2009

H1N1 medicine (ahh, heaven~)


So bz today.. (huh?)

I sleep at 6 a.m, woke up at 1 p.m (no manners).Have clz from 2 p.m till 6 p.m. tired~ tired~

K, today I wanna talk about my hell day when I’d a fever last month. Our campus were closed about 1 week bcz of H1N1 (Yayy!. So, I asked my mom, ” Can I go home? Our campus were closed and there’s no people here.”

Then my mom answered, “Stay at your grandpa’s house”.

“But, I think I’d a fever. *cough..cough.. (fake) I’m always sneezing and coughing here.” ( again, Lie )

“You’d a fever? K, buy the ticket. Do you have money?” ask my mom. Yes! Yes!! After that, I end up buying bus ticket that cost me about RM50.

A few days later, at home, I asked my mom where’s my father is. Then she told me that he’s going to shop to buy some breakfast.

That’s odd! My father always buy b/fast during weekend. They (mom n dad) always left me alone starving w/out food for b/fast. It almost like survivor at home. I have to search food on my own.

My mom then told me to drink Papaya leaves Juice that she’d already made for me bcz I’d a fever at that day. The taste…. the bitter…. Uhhh~ whoever drink this, will automatically be healthy again. Confirm!

She said that she’d received an email from my aunt that papaya leaves are good for health. (I’m going to delete that email someday)

Say, I’d read somewhere saying that to cure the H1N1 symptom, you must eat green apple not less than 6 apple per day and you must drink orange juice. Isn’t that heaven? Compared to me who not so fever that had to drink that uhhhhh papaya leave..

I’m going to give that email to my mom. Wanna try that papaya leaves juice? It’s almost like Fear Factor and survivor or amazing race session.

I have 3 Exams this week!! :(

Wish me luck!

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