Tuesday, August 11, 2009

American Next Top Model in UiTM?

Haha~ This happen when our Junior (part 1 student) doing their interview session with senior (I'm Senior! Yes!! Yes!!) for PSU (Program Salam Ukhuwah) means that introduce to Senior.

There are 3 Junior came to my room this afternoon. At that time, me and my room8 are reading on9 newspper. After the happy interview session, I realize that one of them keep staring at me.. Lesbian? No~

She then said to us "K.AniZz looks like a model in American Next Top Model (ANTM) in cycle 6 or 7" Huh?? I'm so embarassed at that time (really?). And the other Junior said, "Yeah, that's why I think her face kind of familiar. Now I remember, she does look like a model."

I was like "God.. Plz safe me from this moment.." And then I end up by giving my autograph to them. Hahaha~ What can I do.. I'm just popular.. (kidding)

So, which  one is me?
So, which one is me? Haha~

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