Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I'm hungry~

Very hungry~

Today is the best day in this week as it was my super duper rest day!

Ah~ miss my family... my cute dongsaeng...

Yesterday (7/8/09) I watch youtube video about a girl who live after die. Meaning that, She died about two ours but then she gain her life back. Scary~ I watch it with my rum8.

The video is about the experience of that girl during her death. She is a Muslim. She said to her uncle that 'die, hurt a lot'. She then said that suffering death is like u cut your leg without that thing.. Aiyya~ I forgot already what it is.. that thing will make us feel nothing even though you bleed so much. Bius? Apologize my memory..

Continue, death is like cutting your leg and then burn that cuted place. That's hurt.. Then, she'd been taking by 2 angels to place we called it as 'Alam Barzakh', a place where dead person being taken. There, she meet with her late father, she saw woman and man happily, then she start to saw 7 people suffering their punishment.

This seven people, in their life days did something that against the religion like, killing, doesn't pray, throw away their mother, gossip and I forgot~ But then that girl being taken to a dark place and saw this light in the... I don't know how to translate it! It's a tray that older people used to place 'sireh' in it.

K, I'm going to say this fast, generally she then being taken to a place where she saw a zillion people who suffer and keep shouting "Ya Allah, plz make the day (last day on earth) faster.. If I were live again, I promise to follow what YOU say.." That time, they don't know each other. Like, Husband don't know his wife. Like that.

Then, she live again after she hear a voice saying that she had been dead too long enough. Now, she must live again and told everyone about her experience as there are a lot of people who didn't follow what Allah's said..

Can I be like her? I mean, praying 5 times a day, donate to people needed, fasting.. Yes I can and I will try! If she can do it, so I can! 파이틩!

Feel free to click here. This is basically what I'm telling about. It's Indonesian language.

2 Hours of death ( experience) with Ms. Aslina

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